5-8Foot Bypass Sliding Door Fitting Set Sliding Door System Sliding Rail Wooden Sliding Door T Shape Black


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F: How to choose the size of the barn door rail of a single rail for the bypass system?

A: Rail length = opening width +30 cm. For example, if the opening is 150 cm wide, the rail length should be 150 cm + 30 cm = 180 cm.

F: How can the door width be confirmed for a single track bypass system?

A: The 2 doors have an overlap space of 18cm to 25cm when in a fully closed state as the double doors are hung in a rail, meaning each door requires an additional width of 9cm to 12.5cm than half the door opening. plus the extra width of 4 cm for each side to ensure the door opening is completely covered. Therefore, each door leaf should be at least 13 cm wider than half the entrance; otherwise, one door drives the other when sliding;Save space:

When pushing and pulling close to the wall, no extra space required.

Super quiet:

The high-quality nylon material of the wheels ensures smooth and silent gliding.


The unique rail splicing design ensures that the rails are firmly connected to each other and more stable.

Precision forging:

Laser cutting technology and precision forging technology ensure perfect mounting between parts.More details about our product

Attention 1: For installation, a distance of 16.5 cm from the top of the door to the ceiling is required.

Attention 2: Adjustable hanger bolt suitable for door panels with a thickness of 3 cm to 4 cm;

Attention 3: The maximum door weight capacity is 110 kg

Attention 4: You can add a sealing strip as a door panel when used for kitchens, bedrooms or other places where air tightness and sound insulation are emphasized;


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