Today, CC will Take U to See the Product Installation of the Bifold Barn Door Hardware!

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The first step is to know the length of your door. Then choose the barn door kit of the right size according to the length.

The second step is to check whether the wall of your house can be nailed. If not, you need to find a header to nail to the wall first, and then nail it. To avoid damaging the wall.

The third step is to prepare the necessary tools and check whether the accessories in the barn door kit you received are complete.

The fourth step is to follow the steps in the installation step by step to——

Assemble the track,

Locate the holes position,

Drill holes,

Drill holes on wood plugs,

Install the hangers on the door,

Punching holes

Install the floor guide,

Connect door panels

Hang the door on the track.

Yeah, you make it! Really great!You must be a DIYer!That’s absolutely true.

(Simplified blog version, please read the installation carefully for install details~)

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