All You Need When You Have Barn Door

When people buy barn door hardware, they always see that it has many parts and is very disorganized. So today we will take you to recognize what these parts are and what they are used for.

Barn Door Hardware Essentials

Many of our barn door tracks are sold as track sets with everything you need. However, it’s beneficial to understand the installation purposes of each piece and optional accessories, like soft-close mechanisms.

Barn Door Tracks

The track is the rail that is mounted above the opening of the barn door, which your door hangs from and slides on. Barn door tracks come in flat and round styles, or with a fascia that conceals the entire track mechanism. Barn door tracks are available in multiple sizes and finishes. The most popular sizes are 72” and 96” designed for 36” and 42”-48” openings. The average door is 36” wide, so a 72” track would allow a standard door to slide and fully clear the opening.

Barn Door Hanger

barn door hanger or roller mounts either to the front or top of the door and allows the door to hang above the track. Hangers attach the door to wheels that move the door along the track and come in multiple styles, finishes, and weight capabilities.

Barn Door Stoppers

Barn door stoppers mount to the track and provide a bumper for the hanger to hit when it slides in either direction, preventing the hanger and the door from rolling off the track. The hanger allows the door to hang low enough that the door itself never hits the stop, just the hanger. You’ll need two per track for your single barn door installation. The stops can be installed at different positions on the track to control how far the door rolls in either direction.

Floor Guide

The barn door guide mounts at the bottom to either the floor or wall. The guide prevents the bottom of the door from swinging outward and hitting the wall. For more info on the different types of barn door guides, check out floor guide.

Anti-Jump Blocks

Anti-jump blocks are usually plastic or rubber and mount to the top of the door. They sometimes connect to the hanger itself. These blocks prevent the door from moving upward and coming off the track.

Barn Door Optional Accessories

Beyond the standard track sets, CCJH also offers optional accessories. Accessories include privacy locks and latches, soft-close mechanisms, a connecting adapter to make the track longer or connect 2 sets for a double door application, and brackets for bypass door applications.

Barn Door Header

A barn door header is simply a custom-built piece of wood used to anchor your barn door track in place by distributing the door’s weight. A barn door header also improves the door’s stability when in use. Not all walls require a Barn Door Header. You need to judge based on the wall conditions of your home.


Lokcks mount inside the jamb wall behind the door and are often used to ensure privacy in bathrooms. On the interior side of the door, there’s a thumb-turn mounted to the jamb wall facing the opening. When turned, the thumb-turn engages the door with a tubular drive-in bolt so the door won’t slide. There is an emergency release on the outer side of the door, similar to standard privacy door knobs and levers.

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