10 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate Barn Door with Color(Phase one)

Decorating in color has endless possibilities. The color’s infinite variations, which range from soft pastels to deep moody shades, blend easily with almost every other hue. Apply the versatile hue as an accent, on barn door, and through sliding door with these ideas for decorating with color.

The dark blue color blends in well with the scene, and there is even a device on the door that resembles a cabin window. But it is hard not to notice this blue color.This is the feedback from our customers. How creative! Want to have it? Then go to CCJH to buy barn door hardware.

Yellow is a very vibrant color. This is also a door that people have asked how to buy and where to buy it. Unfortunately, CCJH only sells hardware and not doors. Please pay attention when buying here. You only receive a kit, not a wooden door. Don’t be confused about the product you received. If it comes with a door, I think the price should be several times higher. Warm reminder: Please read the product description and price carefully when you buy things~

Purple is the representative color of lavender and taro. It must be a very sweet color. It can be called the color of the sweet girl in the color world. It looks even better with the large wheel barn door accessories from CCJH.

This charming wardrobe uses a light Macaron Green color to make the cabinet stand out. Once the door is closed, who would know that there is such a neat wardrobe behind it? You can also put your own knickknacks in the drawers under the wardrobe. Hidden wardrobe, interesting idea.

Retro green, or emerald green, is not a common color in life and is not easy to match. However, if it is matched with grid glass windows, its temperament will be revealed immediately. This is a sliding door in the bedroom, matched with CCJH’s large wheel T-shaped barn door kit.

To be continued……

In the next issue, we will continue to introduce colorful Barn Door! See you next time~

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