4FT-20FT Stainless Steel Sliding Barn Door Hardware Rail Kit for Glass Door

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  • Brand:    CCJH
  • Type:    S00SYJ/S00DYJ
  • Model:    4-20FT for single/double door
  • Price:    2000 USD
  • Promotion:    400 USD ( 0 Customers Bought)
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Warranty: Five Years;   

Color: Silver;

Main Material: Stainless Steel;   

Load-bearing: Maximum 220lbs/(100kg) Each Door;

Fit Door Panel Thickness: about 1.37"-1.57"/(3.5cm-4cm) for wooden door; 10mm or 12 mm for Glass door.

Only sell hardware, No door included! Comes with all the hardware needed for one/two 2&4 doors.

Accessories Introduction:

Roller Screws: Prevent door coming off rollers;

Anti-jump Disk: Prevent door coming off track and fall;
Door Stops: Prevent door slidng off track, and stop door exactly where you want;
Floor Guide: Prevent door wiggling&swinging, and keep door in its position;
Wall Attachment(track screws+plastic fixed seat+wood plug): Fix track on your wall firmly;
Junction Plate(track connector): Connect tracks. It's a smooth seam and allows rollers to move easily;
Rubber Block: Block holes at the both end of the whole track.

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