Heart Shaped Roller Sliding Barn Door Rustic Black Sliding Kit Hardware

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  • Brand:    CCJH
  • Type:    Heart Shaped
  • Model:    5' Single 6' Single 6.6' Single 8' Single 10' Single 12' Single 6.6' Double 8' Double 8.2' Double 10' Double 12' Double 13' Double 15' Double 16' Double
  • Price:    90~315 USD
  • Promotion:    65~220 USD ( 0 Customers Bought)
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Notice: Prices differs from different sizes and rollers, please contact us first before your order.


Easily transform your door into a beautiful sliding entryway. With this state of the art equipment, 

you can install sliders above the door frame to attach the door to. This will put in place the track 

needed to allowthe door to slide horizontally open and closed, as opposed to opening front to 

back like a conventional swinging door. This is quickly becoming a popular way to bring innovation

into the home and close off bedrooms and side rooms in a stunning way. 

Typically, the door is hung from a piece of hardware with wheels that roll along a track mounted to 

the wall. Our sliding hardware set is constructed from heavy-duty carbon steel coated with a black 

finish that offers a reliable, long-lasting performance, and blends seamlessly with most decor. 


Can bear MAX weight:200lb

Suitable for door panel thickness:35/40/45mm

Hardware only, door is not included

Please make sure your wall is strong enough to hang heave door panel before buying.

Rollers Pictures

Choose Door Width and Sliding Roller

1) Confirm Door Width

Single Door: Door Width=Door Opening Width+100mm

Double Door: Door Width=(Door Opening Width+100mm)/2


Single door opening width 800mm, door width at least needs to be 900mm 

Double door opening width 1500mm, door width at least needs to be 800mm

Notice: Please note 100mm is the least to add. 

2) Confirm Length of Sliding Rail

Single Door: Sliding Rail Length > Door Width*2

Double Door: Sliding Rail Length > Door Width*4

Available Sliding Rail Size: 5', 6', 6.6', 8', 8.2', 10', 12', 13', 15', 16'

Advice for Sliding Rail Selection:

Packing List

Installastion Instructions:

1. Measure the Wall and Drill Holes 

Different sliding rail sizes require different measurements and hole quanites,plese mesure first and use a pencil mark on the wall.

Then you can drill holes as suggested.Please note percussion bit size for wooden door is Φ5mm and concrete wall is Φ10mm.

2. Install Anchoring Screws(Concrete Wall)


Wooden Wall: Use the hammer to punch the screw in, then use the wrench to twist the screw until it is fixed.

3. Install Sliding Rail

4. Install the Sliding Roller

Find the sliding roller you have first, measure size and draw lines as below pictures. 

Mark the place where you need to drill the holes. 

Then drill holes accordingly and fix the screws to finish the installation of sliding roller.

5. Install Anti-Jump Disk

(1) Put the anti-jump disk to the edge of the door and fix it first
(2) Then spin it to the center of the door and screw the disk

6. Install Floor Guide and Adjust Door Stops
Position: 25mm from the wall to the center line of the floor guide holes. Distance between the wall and inside holes is 24mm.
Measurements: Two holes, distance 24mm, use a Φ6mm bit, hole depth 30mm.

7. Tools Needed

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